Expanding your business with website

Being student that graduate with web development certificate. I got frequently asked a question from small business and entrepreneurs. You can expanding your business by making it online, small or big business both can put their business online. Here how you can expand your business and reason you need to do it.

When talking about the net, its borderless and limitless. By making your services and product on the internet will expose to not just your neighbourhood area but potentially worldwide customer. Converting your business online, as an owner you have the flexibility to manage it everywhere. You don’t have to be at your shop to handle customer. Beside, you don’t need big offices to handle your business online, you can handle it from your petite shop. It give you the convenience.

Maybe you don’t have business but planning to open one. Scrapped rent and renovation to open a shop. Start from making it online, you will reduce cost like utility bill, rent and so on. Open a business online doesn’t require to pay deposit, you just need to pay for a web domain and hosting, or maybe some cost for web designing. If you do your research, you’ll find a place like Web Design Malaysia that offer good package. Start you business with websites does not require u to pay rent every month. You just need to pay it once and it last long.

As you open a physical shop, the maintenance is quite pricey if your office/ shop is at a business area. When converting to website the maintenance is low. You only require to pay for hosting renting, usually hosting they require you to pay annually. The only thing you need is 24/7 hours and day working internet server to conduct your site online.

Product display is what the main reasons people should make their business online because it save time. Traditionally, fax and post  catalog to client is what we usually do, this is tiring and expensive. Website give you advantage create a catalog for you and you don’t have to worry about updating if there’s a new product. Website can easily access, it can be access where ever your customer are.

Website is service that never stop. If you have a new product to tell all your client, you don’t need to fax catalog to them. You can re-inform them that there are new product to try and buy. Online can make your product stand more out, you can make them as a flash movie, take a good photo and edit on photoshop. You have the freedom of editing, delete and edit at tip of your finger.

If you client are interested to purchase product. Website can act as a shopping cart. Client doesn’t have to come all the way or fill up some form. Website allow you to have payment gateway to eases for your client. After payment has been made, the goods will send it to their doorstep. What else to wait?

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